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We believe in caring for your pet throughout their whole life. While end of life discussions are difficult it is important to be prepared and to speak openly about them. This will allow you to have a clear mind, and have a decision already made in case of a crisis when your emotions are heightened. Determining quality of life for a pet is often used to make end of life decisions. It is important to remember that each pet is unique. What might be considered poor quality of life for one pet may not be for another. A pet’s enjoyment of life depends on a variety of factors, physical symptoms- such as pain, difficulty breathing, and behavior should all weigh heavily in the euthanasia decision.


If you plan for your pet’s final appointment, we will discuss options and the process with you. When you arrive, we will go over cremation and memorial options and make sure that everything is taken care of prior to the start of your appointment. We always allow families to be present if they wish for the euthanasia. Our goal is to assist you and your pet by making you as comfortable as possible.

When the time comes, our experienced vet staff will place an intravenous catheter and give your pet a light sedative to relax them and reduce anxiety. The second step is a quick- acting euthanasia solution that will stop the heart, your pet does not feel this solution. We welcome you to take as long as you need to say goodbye to your pet.


We work with a local company to provide our pet parents with two different cremation options:

  • Private Cremation: This option offers you the opportunity to keep your pets ashes. Your pet will be cremated in an individual chamber ensuring that you will only receive your pets’ ashes back.
  • Communal Cremation: With communal cremation your pet is placed into the crematory with other pets. No ashes are available to be given back with this option.



We offer in clinic memorials such as fur clippings and personalized imprinted clay with your pet’s paw and their name.

Metro Animal Services offer a variety of memorial products. They also have online memorials where you can create a memorial for your pet as well as upload your favorite picture of them. Metro animal services also offers a large selection of customizable urns. For our clients, the 6 standards urns come with no additional charge. For more information, or to see what options are provided visit: https://www.metro-animal-service.com/memorial-products/

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