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We offer the following In-House Diagnostic tools at Bloomingdale Animal Hospital:

Digital Radiographs

Digital x-rays (radiographs) let us see your pet in a whole new way. We are able to use our in-clinic X-ray machine to see digital images of your pet. This offers us an inside look at what might be going on. We have the ability to magnify, alter contracts, compare multiple images side by side and send out for a specialist’s opinion. This is very useful for diagnostic with skeletal breaks and fractures, foreign body, arthritis, as well as lung and heart problems. We also have the ability to send out the digital x-ray images to board certified veterinary radiologist who are experts in interpreting radiographs for diagnostic purposes.


Ultrasound is a great diagnostic tool that provides real time views of the internal function of some of your pets more important organs such as heart, lungs and abdomen. We can provide diagnostics in a non-invasive procedure in house while you wait! Ultrasound diagnostics can also help identify issues that would not be as visible on a solitary image such as a abnormal heart beat, or the motions of heart valves.

In-House Laboratory

We have the ability to run in house laboratory test to ensure that while you are in clinic we are able to get a full view of how to treat you pet best. We can run blood work to assess and identify possible immunity issues, view/diagnose possible infections through urine analysis and cytology. This way we can treat you pet in real time and make sure that any needed medications are able to go home with your pet same day!

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